Every  April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration  of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on this day in 1925 that the  International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris.

Amateur  Radio experimenters were the first to discover that the short wave  spectrum — far from being a wasteland — could support worldwide  propagation. In the rush to use these shorter wavelengths, Amateur Radio  was “in grave danger of being pushed aside,” the IARU’s history has  noted. Amateur Radio pioneers met in Paris in 1925 and created the IARU  to support Amateur Radio worldwide.

Just two years later, at the  International Radiotelegraph Conference, Amateur Radio gained the  allocations still recognized today — 160, 80, 40, 20, and 10 meters.  Since  its founding, the IARU has worked tirelessly to defend and expand the  frequency allocations for Amateur Radio. Thanks to the support of  enlightened administrations in every part of the globe, radio amateurs  are now able to experiment and communicate in frequency bands  strategically located throughout the radio spectrum.  From the 25  countries that formed the IARU in 1925, the IARU has grown to include  160 member-societies in three regions. IARU Region 1 includes Europe,  Africa, the Middle East, and Northern Asia. Region 2 covers the  Americas, and Region 3 is comprised of Australia, New Zealand, the  Pacific island nations, and most of Asia. The International  Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recognized the IARU as representing  the interests of Amateur Radio.

Today, Amateur Radio is more popular than ever, with more than 3,000,000 licensed operators!

World  Amateur Radio Day is the day when IARU Member-Societies can show our  capabilities to the public and enjoy global friendship with other  Amateurs worldwide. 

 Groups should promote their WARD activity on social media by using the hash tag #WorldAmateurRadioDay on Twitter and Facebook 

 April 18 is the day for all of Amateur Radio to celebrate and tell the  world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can  provide and the fun we have. 





World Amateur Radio Day 2019 Will Celebrate Amateur Radio's Contribution to Society

World Amateur Radio Day (WARD), observed every April 18. 2019 marks the 94rd year of founding of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) in 1925. As they do every year, radio amateurs worldwide will take to the airwaves to celebrate Amateur Radio's contribution to society. 

April 18 is the day for all of Amateur Radio to celebrate and tell the world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can provide, and the fun we have," the IARU said in announcing World Amateur Radio Day 2019. "We hope you will join in the fun and education that is World Amateur Radio Day!"  

April 18 is the day for all of Amateur Radio to celebrate and tell the world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can provide, and the fun we have," the IARU said in announcing World Amateur Radio Day 2019. "We hope you will join in the fun and education that is World Amateur Radio Day!



How we can celebrate this event

It started in 2015 when W2JLD just got his license and he did his first WARD event on the Western Reflector, while it was in its infancy, it never the less was a way to celebrate not only what APRIL 18TH means, but it was a way show what we do on amateur radio. Who would ever think that this would be a regular event on the western reflector and how much it has grown to become one of the flagship special events on the *WORLD* Conference server/IRLP 9251.

While 2019 marked our 5th annual event , it also shows how much we as a group of like minded individuals who have made this hobby what it is today.

Those that make this possible

As special event coordinator for the western reflector, I am proud to say that none of this could have been possible if not for all those involved in making this event a successful one every year.

Our thanks go to KENT JOHNSON of The Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters Inc. (NARRI) in LAS VEGAS,NEVADA.

Also to the Net controllers who have took time out of their day and evening to do this event. 


Press Release




World Radio Network/World Friendship Net Announces "World Amateur Radio Day 2019"

For the 5th straight year.

Rochester,  NY., March 11, 2019: THE WORLD RADIO NETWORK and THE WORLD FRIENDSHIP  NET today announced that for the 5th straight year, we will be  participating in WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY 2019 on VOIP/ECHOLINK on the  "WORLD" CONFERENCE SERVER/IRLP 9251 and for the first time on Allstar  Node #47620 - World Conference Hub on APRIL 18TH, 2019. We are part of  NARRI/Nevada amateur radio repeaters, inc..IRLP 9251 on the Western  Reflector, Kent Johnson/W7AOR is the primary trustee of this  organization.

Join us as we  celebrate the 94th year of the formation of the I.A.R.U in Paris, France  in 1925, Since 1925, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) has  been the watchdog and spokesman for the world Amateur Radio community.  All licensed radio amateurs benefit from the work of the IARU, whether  or not they are members of their national IARU member-society. But every  licensed radio amateur should be

In  2019 we are proud to announce for the second time in a row, we will  have a special event call sign "W2W" has been secured for this event. As  well as we will have a commemorative special event "WORLD AMATEUR RADIO  DAY 2019" QSL Card. We will have a 12 hour net with 10 different net  controllers from all over the world. a member. "Only by combining our  efforts in this way can we ensure the future health of Amateur Radio,  for ourselves and for future generations".

The  2018 event, We recorded over 500 check ins, 37 International stations,  20 countries, 139 new check ins. The net lasted 12 hours and 15 minutes,  with 8 net controllers doing 2 hour shifts.

John  DeRycke,W2JLD We had over 225 QSL card request. We also had a special  event QSL card that was available upon request. We were happy to  announce that last year's net was the LARGEST event on VOIP/ECHOLINK.

As  Special event coordinator for THE WORLD RADIO NETWORK and THE WORLD  FRIENDSHIP NET none of this could have possible if not for the over 500  check ins and the 8 great net controllers who took time out of their day  and contributed time for this event.

W2JLD  -John, Special Event Coordinator for The World Radio Network and The  World Friendship Net. KD8TBC -Lee, Net Manager and KC8CMQ - John, Asst  Net Manager for The World Radio Network and The World Friendship Net.  WH6DWF - Todd, System admin for the western reflector.

So  please join us again as we celebrate amateur radio all around the world  on APRIL 18TH at 16:00 UTC (12 NOON EST, 9AM PST) via ECHOLINK on the  "World" Conference server (IRLP 9251) and for the first time on Allstar  Node #47620 - World Conference Hub for the 5th annual "WORLD AMATEUR  RADIO DAY 2019" as we celebrate this special event.

Be  part of something that's bigger than all of us ,Let's make WORLD  AMATEUR RADIO DAY 2019 one of the largest special event nets on ECHOLINK  ever!!!


World  Radio Network: Special WARD IRLP/ECHOLINK Net 16:00 -17:30 (12 NOON  EST, 9AM PST) UTC via the World Conference server (IRLP 9251) W2JLD,  KD8TBC, KM4OOC, WH6DWF Net Controllers. All stations from around the  world are encouraged to check in.

World Friendship Net: Special WARD IRLP/ECHOLINK Net

EMAIL ANY QUESTIONS TO: JOHN DERYCKE - W2JLD - W2JLD2@GMAIL.COM 00:00 - 01:30 (8PM EST, 5 PM PST) UTC via the World Conference Server  (IRLP 9251) W2JLD, KD8TBC,KM4OOC, WH6DWF Net Controllers. All stations  from around the world are encouraged to check in.




Amateur Radio Newsline

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2160 for Friday, March 22nd, 2019


STEPHEN/ANCHOR: Organizers of a special VOIP net are getting ready to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day in April and all the connections ham radio has played a role in for so many decades. Dave Parks WB8ODF has been following that story.

DAVE: When the International Amateur Radio Union was created in Paris in 1925, no one could have envisioned the changes that would shape the hobby so many decades later, including internet-linked modes such as EchoLink and IRLP. Using the special event call sign W2W, a 12-hour VOIP net will be among those "on the air" around the world marking the occasion, celebrating amateur radio and the friendships the hobby has built. This 12-hour net will begin taking check-ins on the 18th of April beginning at 1600 UTC. It is accessible via IRLP 9251, the World Conference Server. For the first time, check-ins will also be possible from Allstar Node 47620, the World Conference Hub.

John DeRycke W2JLD said a special World Amateur Radio Day 2019 QSL Card will be available for all participants who contact one of the 10 different net controllers during the event. John said that first timers are especially welcome. He said the event will be recorded for later transmission and will be available as well on Broadcastify through the Friends Conference Server. Technology may have changed since 1925-- but ham radio friendships endure.

For Amateur Radio Newsline I'm Dave Parks WB8ODF


Don (AE5DW) picked for this weeks "Ham Nation"



World Amateur Radio Day IRLP 9251 Reflector


World Amateur Radio Day Net Control station Log (pdf)


WH6FTQ, Dr. Heather A. Flewelling

Hawaii Ham Discovers a Comet and it gets named after her

Who would ever think that we would have the honor of having a Dr. to be a net controller for WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY and someone who discovered a comet here is more info, WH6FTQ, Dr. Heather A. Flewelling, works for the Institute for  Astronomy, which is part of the University of Hawaii. Dr. Flewelling has  a PhD in Physics from the University of Michigan.

She is currently working on ATLAS, Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last  Alert System, ATLAS is an asteroid impact early warning system being  developed by the University of Hawaii and funded by NASA. It consists of  two telescopes, 100 miles apart, which automatically scan the whole sky  several times every night looking for moving objects. Heather has a  very cool job title  "Planetary Defense Researcher".

ATLAS (  , is a set of 0.5 meter telescopes, one on Haleakala, Maui, one on  Maunaloa, Hawaii. Atlas has discovered 283 Near-Earth Asteroids, 31  Potentially hazardous asteroids, 16 comets and 3082 supernovas. 

 Heather was at work on the morning of discovery. “Each morning, we look  through the previous night's data to search for and report new  asteroids.  Occasionally we find comets and artificial satellites.”

Dr. Flewelling stated "to report the comet, I noted that it had a tail,  measured it (the size, brightness, and position), compared it to nearby  stars, and submitted the observations to the Minor Planet Center with a  message that I detected cometary activity. Once submitted, it was listed  on the Potential Comet Confirmation Page, and other astronomers did  follow up observations to confirm.” 

She got her license on May 8, 2018 and upgraded to Extra on Field Day 2018.

Comet Flewelling (Comet 2019 D1) discovered in Hawaii.

The International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center named the comet  on 21 March 2019. The comet was named “Comet Flewelling”,(Comet 2019  D1). 

You can visit Heather’s QRZ page at 

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