Hams behind the scenes


Kent Johnson W7AOR

Kent is the man behind the NARRI system.

Check their web page at www.narri.org

The pic was taken at the breakfast with Kent and Loren


Tom Harrington AF7J

Tom is the Webmaster for the WRN-WFN.com web site. Tom took it over from W2JLD in September 2019. Tom drives truck for a living. He spends much of his off time editing the site and keeping in touch with the managers and controllers.

Tom may be anywhere in the country picking up and delivering refrigerated goods. The pic shows tom and his dog and his truck.

If you have suggestions, additions or corrections for the web, please email them to Tom at Tom_AF7J@yahoo.com (That's an  underscore) between Name and Callsign


Loren KG7KA

Loren is the assistant web master helping Tom with the editing.

Loren is retired  but helps his wife with her embroidery business. Loren has been a ham since 1980. He maintains a web site for computer help and a little ham radio stuff at www.bear-it.com

Loren can provide various ham related items like custom tee shirts and hats.

Check the web site at www.bsembroidery.net or email them at bsembroidery@yahoo.com