Allstar & IRLP Nodes

IRLP vs Allstar


What are they? These are both services that provide linking of 2 or more radio systems together for private or group communications.

IRLP is explained here.

Allstar is explained here.

These are accessed via a node. A node is a small computer that connects your radio to the Internet. You can make your own or purchase a kit or a complete plug and play unit.

IRLP tends to be more expensive because you must purchase an IRLP board from them.

Allstar is usually less because it is based on open source hardware and software.

You can find instructions on building your own all over the web.

There are a couple of recommendations for purchasing a node.

Both Allstar and IRLP nodes are  no longer available from in Las Vegas.

Mark has retired. As of 2-7-20 Micro-node has gone out of business. Still supports past sales but no new ones available. See  for announcement.

Other places to go include the 'clear Node from  currently $280 delivered. Includes phone app for control.

A less expensive option from Peter Kendall in the UK. The cost is around $200 after paying thru Paypal. Control on this one is from a Windows control panel that comes with it.

He only makes a few at a time so you need to order it from him by email. 

His email is

Service is excellent from both locations.

If you want to build from a kit contact Shari at

BTW the Shari web site is worth checking 

I have collected a lot of info about Allstar. I can email it to you if you wish. Send me a request at

You can access the World conference server during net times using 93609. thanks to WV8CW Chuck.

I have a list of numbers that i use & can email it to you if you ask.

Of course if you know someones call sign you can look up their node number on